What’s in a Firebirds’ (Nick) Name?

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Written by Judd Spicer

Perhaps more than any other pro athletes, hockey players have long had a deserved rep for approachability, relatability and accessibility.

Provided the game’s everyman tenor, it comes with little surprise that the hockey culture – from the ice to the bench to the front office – finds epithets aplenty. Nicknames in hockey run as ceaseless as stick tape, and the CV Firebirds’ inaugural roster and coaching staff is no exception. And, sure, many’a moniker may prove as simple as slapping an “ie” or “y” suffix to a surname, but finding fellowship by way of nicknames need not be complicated business.

Whether you’re cheering on the ‘Birds from the stands, crossing paths with players or staff through the corridors of Acrisure Arena or running across these feathered friends on the desert streets/sands, don’t be afraid to offer a friendly call-out by way of moniker.

With a big assist from Evan “Piv” Pivnick, Firebirds’ director of broadcast & communications, here’s a handy “Glossary of Nicknames” for the CV squad and staff.

Coachella Valley Firebirds Nickname Glossary



#2 Jake McLaughlin, defenseman

#6 Peetro Seppala, defenseman

#8 Matt Tennyson, defenseman

#10 Luke Henman, center

#11 Alexander True, center

#12 Tye Kartye, winger

#14 Austin Poganski, winger

#15 John Hayden, winger

#16 Kole Lind, winger 

#17 Max McCormick, winger

#18 Carsen Twarynski, winger

#19 Cameron Hughes, winger

#20 Eddie Wittchow, defenseman

#21 Ian McKinnon, center

#22 Andrew Poturalski, center

#23 Gustav Olofsson, defenseman

#25 Brogan Rafferty, defenseman

#26 Tristan Mullin, winger

#32 Christopher Gibson, goalie

#33 Ville Petman, center

#35 Joey Daccord, goalie

#40 Jeremy McKenna, winger

#41 Ryker Evans, defenseman

#44 Jimmy Schuldt, defenseman


“Seppy” or “Seps”




“Karts” or “Kartsy” or “Shotgun”




“Maxie or “Cap(tain) Max”





“Pots” or “Potsy”

“Goose” or “Oly”








“Schuldty” or “Big Jim”

Coaching Staff

Dan Bylsma, head coach 

Jessica Campbell, assistant coach 

Stu Bickel, assistant coach

Colin Zulianello, goaltending coach

Mike Donoghue, strength & conditioning coach

Erik Elenz, video analyst

Brian Garcia, head equipment manager

Shawn Thorns, assistant equipment manager

Brett Bernstein, head athletic trainer

Justin Broy, assistant athletic trainer




“Zulie” or “Zeus”






“J.B.” or “Jibs”

The 2022/23 Season Schedule