Community Outreach

The Coachella Valley Firebirds are excited to integrate with the community through initiating new programs, participating in local events, and speaking at functions.  Here are a few examples of programs we will be involved in:

You’re on Fire
Reading Program.  Each year we will collaborate with the surrounding schools to encourage and reward children in grades K-6 to reach various benchmarks in their scholastic programming.  This will be accomplished by collaborating with the educators in those schools for various reading benchmarks and providing a reward system.  This will range from bookmarks, to pencils, to erasers, to folders and notebooks. 

Stick Time
Sports/Exercise/Gym.  The Firebirds are committed to bringing hockey to the youth of Coachella Valley.  We will work to provide ball hockey and recreational programming to the schools.  As well as insight from the team on ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle. 

Community Events
The Firebirds are committed to integrate with the communities of Coachella Valley with the various fairs, fests, and parades that are held annually: Village Fest, and Pride fair to name a few.

The Firebirds are committed to work toward having a foundation that will continue and align with the same efforts described above to expand the possibilities of philanthropic support of the region. 

Hockey Operations

Steve Fraser

Steve Fraser

President Open Full Bio
Troy Bodie

Troy Bodie

Director, Hockey Operations Open Full Bio
Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller

VP of Branding and Community Relations Open Full Bio