Firebirds Weekly

Episode 17 : Health and Wellness with Mike Donoghue

Episode 1: Coach Dan Bylsma

Episode 2: RJ Schultz – Ice Plant Manager

Episode 3: Jessica Campbell – Assistant Coach

Episode 4: Fuego!

Episode 5: Firebirds Goalie – Joey Daccord

Episode 6: Firebirds President – Steve Fraser

Episode 7: Firebirds Defenseman – Matt Tennyson

Episode 8: Project Manager – Phil Ransford

Episode 9: Director of Broadcast & Communication – Evan Pivnick

Episode 10: Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson and Leslie Deason – the Berger Foundation Iceplex GM

Episode 11: Poturalski and Evans head to the AHL All-Star Game

Episode 12: Part 1 of the Equipment Operating Crew On The Road

Episode 13: Part 2 of the Equipment Operating Crew on Game Day

Episode 14: Part 1 of Getting to know Game Presentation

Episode 15: Game Day Presentation highlighting the procedures during a typical game

Episode 16: A Game in the Life of Fuego

Episode 17: Part 1 of Health and Wellness with Mike Donoghue

Press Conferences

Head Coach Dan Bylsma

Assistant Coach Jessica Campbell


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Troy Bodie on Pure Sports

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Get to know Fuego