Playoffs 2023

Round 5
6/21/23vs Hershey Game 7PDFPDFPDFAs of June 21
6/19/23vs Hershey Game 6PDFPDFPDF
6/10/23vs Hershey Game 2PDFPDFPDF
6/8/23vs Hershey Game 1PDFPDFPDF
Round 4
6/5/23vs. Milwaukee Game 6PDFPDFPDF
5/27/23vs. Milwaukee Game 2PDFPDFPDF
5/25/23vs. Milwaukee Game 1 PDFPDFPDF
Round 3
5/19/23vs. Calgary Game 5PDFPDFPDF
5/17/23vs. Calgary Game 4PDFPDFPDF
5/15/23vs. Calgary Game 3PDFPDFPDF
Round 2
5/5/23vs. Colorado Game 5PDFPDFPDF
5/3/23vs. Colorado Game 4PDFPDFPDF
4/30/23vs. Colorado Game 3PDFPDFPDF
Round 1
4/23/23vs. Tucson Game 3PDFPDFPDF
4/21/23vs. Tucson Game 2PDFPDFPDF
4/19/23vs. Tucson Game 1PDFPDFPDF


10/21/22vs. AbbotsfordPDFPDFPDF
10/23/22vs. AbbotsfordPDFPDFPDF
10/28/22vs. CalgaryPDFPDFPDF
10/29/22vs. CalgaryPDFPDFPDF
12/18/22vs. TucsonPDFPDFPDF
12/20/22vs. TucsonPDFPDFPDF
12/23/22vs. HendersonPDFPDFPDF
12/28/22vs. OntarioPDFPDFPDF
1/4/23vs. ColoradoPDFPDFPDF
1/7/23vs. San JosePDFPDFPDF
1/8/23vs. OntarioPDFPDFPDF
1/10/23vs. San JosePDFPDFPDF
1/13/23vs. BakersfieldPDFPDFPDF
1/16/23vs. TucsonPDFPDFPDF
1/22/23vs. San DiegoPDFPDFPDF
2/3/23vs. San DiegoPDFPDFPDF
2/4/23vs. San DiegoPDFPDFPDF
2/15/23vs. TucsonPDFPDFPDF
2/18/23vs. BakersfieldPDFPDFPDF
2/20/23vs. OntarioPDFPDFPDF
2/28/23vs. San JosePDFPDFPDF
3/1/23vs. CalgaryPDFPDFPDF
3/8/23vs. HendersonPDFPDFPDF
3/11/23vs. TexasPDFPDFPDF
3/12/23vs. TexasPDFPDFPDF
3/15/23vs. IowaPDFPDFPDF
3/17/23vs. IowaPDFPDFPDF
3/19/23vs. San DiegoPDFPDFPDF
3/25/23vs. HendersonPDFPDFPDF
3/29/23vs. BakersfieldPDFPDFPDF
4/1/23vs. ColoradoPDFPDFPDF
4/3/23vs. San JosePDFPDFPDF
4/5/23vs. CalgaryPDFPDFPDF
4/8/23vs. BakersfieldPDFPDFPDF
4/9/23vs. HendersonPDFPDFPDF
4/12/23vs. OntarioPDFPDFPDFAs of April 12

Firebirds Affiliates

NHL: Seattle Kraken

The Coachella Valley team is affiliated with the NHL’s newest franchise, the Seattle Kraken, for the 2021-22 season. The affiliation is expected to last one season while construction is completed on an arena that will host the Kraken’s AHL expansion franchise in Palm Desert, California. In the meantime, the Checkers will receive the Kraken’s first group of AHL-eligible prospects under a joint affiliation with the Panthers.

ECHL: Kansas City Mavericks

The Mavericks have entered into a new multi-year affiliation agreement with the NHL’s Seattle Kraken.  The Mavericks will serve as the ECHL affiliate for the Kraken and their American Hockey League affiliate, the Coachella Valley Firebirds, starting in the 2022-23 season.

About Us

The Coachella Valley Firebirds are the 32nd Franchise to enter the American Hockey League (AHL) with a goal of developing players and personnel for the National Hockey League (NHL).  The Firebirds strive to accomplish this by passionately building an organization from the ground up focusing on talent, entertainment,  service and community.