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Calder Cup Finals

The Firebirds have advanced to the Calder Cup Finals.

Calder Cup Finals (best-of-seven)


Game 1 – Thu., June 8 – Hershey at Coachella Valley W: 0-5
Game 2 – Sat., June 10 – Hershey at Coachella Valley
W: 0-4

Game 3 – Tue., June 13 – Coachella Valley at Hershey L: 4-5
Game 4 – Thu., June 15 – Coachella Valley at Hershey L: 2-3
Game 5 – Sat., June 17 – Coachella Valley at Hershey L: 0-1

Game 6 – Mon., June 19 – Hershey at Coachella Valley, W: 2-5
*Game 7 – Wed., June 21 – Hershey at Coachella Valley, 7:00 PT

*if necessary

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In 2022-23, the AHL will have 23 teams participating in the postseason. A total of 23 teams will qualify for the postseason, with five rounds of playoffs leading to the crowning of a Calder Cup champion. The playoff field includes the top six finishers in the eight-team Atlantic Division, the top five finishers each in the seven-team North and Central Divisions, and the top seven teams in the 10-team Pacific Division.

Home-ice advantage in all series is granted to the team with more points during the regular season.