As a Coachella Valley Firebirds Season Ticket Member for the 2023-24 Season, we are inviting you to our 1st annual online Select-A-Seat event on Saturday, August 5th using our Virtual Venue tool from your online Coachella Valley Firebirds Account Manager

Our Select-A-Seat event is designed to reward our Season Ticket Members with an opportunity to see all available seat locations from non-renewed members and new available inventory prior to the general public. During this online event, you will be able to change your location to any of the available seats within your designated time slot. If you do not find a more preferable location, you will retain your current seats for the 2023-24 Season.

Time slots will be assigned based on account tenure, the date you first purchased your Season Ticket Membership. 

You will be notified of your time slot in a confirmation email a week prior to the event. In addition, you will receive additional FAQ’s and a step-by-step tutorial guide. 

Select-A-Seat is a member benefit, not a mandatory event. If you are satisfied with your current season ticket location, you do not need to attend this online event.

This is a virtual online only event. You will need to log into your Coachella Valley Firebirds Account Manager to access. We recommend logging in through a desktop computer for ease of access. If you do not know your password, we highly recommend to reset your password in advance of your timeslot window. 

Please note, the available inventory will change throughout the course of this event and our Membership Service Representatives will not be able to tell you which seating locations are available prior to your designated time slot. Premium Inventory will not be available during this event. If you are interested in upgrading your seats to a Premium Membership, please contact your representative directly. 

For further questions, please contact your Membership Service Representative or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Multiple seat blocks can be relocated at the same time through our Account Manager Virtual Venue tool. Example: if you currently hold seats 101/S/1-2 and 127/S/5-6 you will be able to move to 101/T/1-4 in the same transaction.
Once your designated time slot begins you will be able to log in as often as you would like throughout the event to check inventory, however each account will have only one opportunity to relocate their seats through the Account Manager Virtual Venue tool. Once you have selected seats & confirmed, you will no longer be able to see live inventory.
Season Ticket Members will not be able to drop seats from their accounts in the Account Manager Virtual Venue tool. If you need assistance, please contact us at 760.835.8778 or via email at
Available inventory will change throughout the course of this event and a Membership Services Representative will not be able to tell you which seating locations are available prior to your designated time slot.
Each account is assigned to a designated time slot based off their account tenure and we are not able to change your time slot. If you wish to relocate seats together, you will need to log in to the later time slot option between the two accounts. Please note, we cannot hold or guarantee any specific locations.
Inventory will be fluid and once the event is over the remaining open seats will be available for relocation directly through your Membership Services Representative following the next business day.
Yes, you will be able to log in and relocate or upgrade your seats after your designated time slot and will be open until the event concludes. 
All Non-Renewed & Open available inventory.
No, the ownership of the seats you select must remain in the account holders name for the completion of one full season.
If those seats are open and available at your assigned time slot during the event you are welcome to move into them. To maintain the integrity of the event and our loyalty program, all non-renewed and open inventory will be made available to Season Ticket Members based on their assigned time slot.
If you select a more expensive seating location or add additional seats, you will be charged upon check out for the difference to ensure you are compliant for the selected payment plan. Please note, if you select the payment plan option, you may be charged twice for the month of August.
You can have up to 8 Full Season Seats on your account, this includes the seats you may be upgrading during the event.